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Best Dressed for St Patrick’s Day

Tina Struck was selected as our “Best Dressed for St Patrick’s Day” club member. The picture was taken by Joyce Suchy after the Apopka Preserve drive at Breezeway Restaurant in Sanford.

Black Bart

Dear friends and members, It is with immense sadness that I pass on the news that Robert Bartel, “Black Bart” to so many of us, passed away Tuesday night while sleeping. Here’s “Black Bart” with his Dino, a truly lovely car with a driver who honored it.   

A charter member of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, and a purveyor of those hard-to-find parts for Alfas out of Black Bart’s Emporium, as well as other Italian marques, he and his lovely wife Jane also held the legendary “Alfa's on the Lawn” at their home each April in East Palatka. Here’s just one of many memories there.   

Mr. Bartel’s wife asked me to send the word out, and also mention that there will not be any services in Northeast Florida. But a celebration of life will be held in May in Fort Wayne, where their children lived.   

But we have a chance to remember Black Bart ourselves soon, thanks to Neville and Lizette Donelly. They are once again offering their beautiful backyard from 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 12th for “Alfa’s Beneath the Mighty Live Oaks.” At 3479 Loretto Road. That’s between Old St. Augustine Road and San Jose Blvd. in Mandarin. To quote – “We will lay on the good healthy snacks and beverages as usual. Folks are encouraged to contribute or bring their own preference. There is plenty of space here Beneath the Mighty Live Oaks as you know. Time to rev these old Alfa’s.” I’ll have more news on both as they arrive. 

To RSVP with our hosts, email them at:   

Thank you, Dan Scanlan FFCAROC