Now is the time for all good members (and friends)  to come to the aid of their club … or … to the aid of their soul!!!    Time for us to start meeting again after a long hiatus of our Alfa Club meetings!  Please put this on your calendar and plan to come to:  

THE ACE CAFÉ 100 West Livingston Stteet (Downtown) Orlando, Florida 32801  

What:  A Mid-Florida Alfa Club Meeting When:  Saturday, January 27th   starting at noon 

Where:  Ace Café (a refuge for car people!) 

Why:   For lunch and a short meeting  

If you can come, please RSVP  to Gladys Bernstein at or 407-774-7947  

(there will be roped-off parking just  for our “little babies”… Alfas and Fiats alike!)    

We’ve missed you, and your other half … so come on along and join us for a fantastic lunch and an entertaining visit to this much-loved Café!  

Their Website (to soothe your curiosity):  

See you there!


Ok, so we not have much of an agenda. We are just looking for a place with cold drinks and hot food. We would prefer it at the end of a winding mountain road with plenty of covered parking! Ah, just day dreaming again, I do live in Florida. Ownership of an Alfa is not a condition of membership in our  club.  Because we like looking for a car and spending somebody else's money.