To all Alfisti & Fiafisti, I want to thank everyone who made Viva 2018 a success! We had many complements that the showing of cars was the best display yet. I want to thank all of you in the club who donated their time and energy to make this show such a success. I want to thank all of you who attended and displayed your cars in the show.  We want to send a special thank you want to  John Tremblay, his dad and their team for the fantastic car display. It was certainly a big hit at this years  show. Speaking of John, I want to make all of you aware of a very special charity John's family started. It is called the Ella Reese Foundation, Inc. This is a foundation to help those families dealing with childhood cancer. Ella is John's niece whom was diagnosed with cancer at a very young age. Fortunately, she has beat the disease because of early detection. You can read Ella's story at EllaFightsBack.com . The family has made it their mission to educate families on the early detection signs and helping with financial as well as emotional support. We took a portion of the proceeds from the entry fees of Viva 2018, and made a donation to the Ella Reese Foundation. This is a truly worthy cause and helps families in Florida. The foundation sent a thank you note which I have attached to this email. I have also attached a flyer for an upcoming fund raiser/ car show February 23rd, 2019. It should be a great time and a very worthy cause. Let's show our support and display as many cars from the club to attend this event!!! It doesn't have to be an Alfa or a Fiat. So those of you with Porsche s, Lambo's,  Bentley's, Corvettes, Mustangs, etc...  can also show your cars. Thank you again on behalf of the Mid Florida AROC.  Regards,  Norman

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Best Dressed for St Patrick’s Day


Tina Struck was selected as our “Best Dressed for St Patrick’s Day” club member. The picture was taken by Joyce Suchy after the Apopka Preserve drive at Breezeway Restaurant in Sanford.